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International Fringe Tour of Edison

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Edison goes to Europe!

We have the exciting opportunity to take Edison to Europe!

Starting May 27th, our tour begins at the Prague Fringe Festival where we will show Edison in a theatre constructed in 1463, and is only a short walk away from Tesla’s home and university where he studied in Prague.

Continuing through the month of July, we present in theatre festivals throughout the United Kingdom, including the Buxton Fringe Festival, Manchester Fringe, and the International Youth Arts Festival.

We will complete our tour at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the entire world with over 50,000 different performances happening over just 27 days. Edison will be featured among a wide selection of international theatre, where the possibility of further touring also exists.

Written by Joshua Logan Walker, Directed by Sandy Doria, Designed and Produced by Bryan Schall

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A love affair with a pigeon, a shakedown with Mark Twain, an enormous disco DJ’d by Thomas Edison-- this genre-bent, cross-experimental three act play launches two scientific giants into a new light: Nikola Tesla, the troubled genius and fallen inventor whose patents and inventions now worth billions were stolen from under him, and Thomas Edison, the famous inventor and infamous crook who coordinated the entire slandering attack but to this day gets all the credit.
March 23 - March 26, 2017

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